Audits, Reviews & Compilations

Zielinski & Associates, P.C. specializes in audits, reviews, and compilations for religious communities, sponsored institutions, ministries, and other mission-focused organizations.

Our procedures are conducted in accordance with professional standards and we approach the reporting process with a fundamental understanding of our clients’ needs. Our experienced auditors and accountants will quickly take stock of your organization’s finances and obtain the necessary information to complete your audit, review, or compilation with minimal disruption.

Audits include tests of your accounting records along with confirmation of receivables, other assets, and liabilities via direct correspondence with funding sources and financial institutions. At the conclusion of the audit, you will have reasonable assurance that your financial statements are free of material misstatement, and you will be informed of any significant violations of laws or governmental regulations that come to our attention.

As part of our value-added service, we will help you to understand the meaning of the audited or reviewed annual statements and utilize the information to enhance financial-decision making.