Vehicle Sales & Disposal Services

At what point should we replace our vehicles to get the maximum use and the best resale value?

Where can I find vehicles with the exact features we need?

How do I know we’re getting the best value for our money?

How much can we save by acquiring pre-owned vehicles?

How do I arrange delivery to people in other locations?

What do we do with the vehicles we no longer need?

A mission-focused organization has more important things to do than worrying about buying vehicles. Researching, analyzing, comparing, and coordinating with people in remote locations takes considerable time and effort. Making ill-advised purchasing decisions can cost your organization dearly if all options aren’t properly considered.

Whether you need a quick solution for a someone who has suddenly found himself or herself without a car, or it’s simply time to replace a vehicle, Zielinski Vehicle Management Services can take the anxiety out of vehicle purchasing. We specialize in meeting the unique automotive needs of religious communities, ministries, and other mission-focused organizations. We stay abreast of all new models, pricing, incentives, rebates, and consumer reports, as well as dates which may affect ordering and receipt of vehicles.  We will find the vehicle you are looking for within your price range, and have it delivered directly to the driver, regardless of location.  We will work with you to design or customize a special vehicle to meet your needs, including conversion van, passenger bus, or handicapped-accessible vehicle.

Regardless of the type of transaction – purchase or lease, new or used – our automotive experts will handle all the negotiations to get the vehicle on the road in the least amount of time possible. When the time comes to dispose of your vehicles, we will obtain the highest prices through our re-marketing network, handle all of the paperwork, and complete the transaction efficiently so that you receive the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle quickly.