Annual Plan & Master Calendar

For fund development officers and leadership, a written annual plan and master calendar is an essential building block to a successful fundraising program. These two key components serve as a “roadmap” for development, providing a clear picture of how much money will be raised and spent, which development initiatives will be implemented, and how each program will be evaluated. Together, the annual plan and master calendar enable an organization to anticipate what can reasonably be expected to be raised as a result of its fundraising efforts – both now and into the future.

Working within your unique philanthropic culture, Zielinski Companies can help your community or organization develop an annual plan and master calendar using a best-practice model based on years of proven experience that reflects our work with hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the world. In tandem with your organization’s fund development team, we will work jointly with you to identify financial goals, outline planning policies and processes, define job responsibilities (both internally and externally), and integrate marketing and communications strategies to generate revenue. Your annual plan and master calendar will lay the foundation for acquiring donors, securing ongoing support from benefactors, identifying major gifts and planned giving prospects, cultivating donors to increase giving levels, and building long-lasting donor relationships through defined stewardship efforts.