Case for Support

Every mission-focused organization needs a single, comprehensive written document that outlines the mission, goals, objectives, programs, and financial plans to meet the organization’s needs …in other words, a strong case for support that incorporates an emotional appeal. The case for support is the foundation upon which all fund development efforts rest and is one of the most important steps in an effective fundraising program. Donors, leadership, development staff, and volunteers all need a clear and shared picture of an organization’s true needs and the benefits that contributed funds will provide.

We can work with your community or organization to create a case for support that engages and attracts donors based on your mission, vision, and core values that are distinctive to your organization. We can guide you through the process of conducting the necessary background research, identifying and outlining key messages, developing content, and appropriately weaving imagery into your case statement for maximum impact. Or we can take the burden off your shoulders entirely and create your case statement for you. The result will be a highly effective case for support that offers clear, compelling reasons why your organization is worthy of donor support, who will benefit, why your ministry or program is uniquely positioned to fill unmet needs, and how these initiatives will ultimately impact fund development success both now and into the future.