Feasibility Studies & Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign is an organized, intensive fundraising effort with a specific start and end date which secures extraordinary gifts and pledges for a specific purpose.

A capital campaign deals with people: their motivations, needs, desires, hopes, and aspirations. Successful capital campaigns are composed of a series of small steps, each carefully planned and phased, each taken according to schedule, and each carried out by the right person, at the right time, in the right manner, with the right stewardship.

The key building block of a successful capital campaign, the feasibility study allows an organization to reflect upon its internal and external readiness. Zielinski Companies can lead your organization through an effective feasibility study to identify the critical factors for your capital campaign’s success:

  • The level of confidence in your organization and leadership
  • The perceived urgency of your case for support
  • The number of prospects who have the capacity and interest in making the size of gift needed
  • The availability of influential and committed volunteers
  • The readiness of staff and systems
  • Economic and competitive factors that might impact the campaign
  • The potential amount of money capable of being raised

We will work with you to conduct a successful capital campaign by providing objective outside counsel, assisting in internal and external campaign planning, and guiding your development team in creatively executing your campaign.