Fund Development Office Assessments / Audits

A fund development office assessment/audit demonstrates an organization’s commitment to evaluate, strengthen, and benchmark fundraising best practices. A focused assessment of the fund development office evaluates the strength and appropriateness of the case for support, assesses the knowledge and aptitude of development staff, determines the willingness and capability of donors, assesses the clarity of goals, objectives, and methodologies, identifies income/expense ratios and available resources, and provides recommendations for first-tier strategies.

Zielinski Companies’ approach to fund development office assessments/audits creates an opportunity for free and open dialogue among key stakeholders. We can provide an objective and realistic view of your organization’s fundraising potential to determine if a climate and culture exist to leverage your internal and external strengths and expand your fund development efforts. Ultimately, the findings and recommendations will assist your community or organization with strategic steps and tools to solicit financial support more effectively and efficiently from your target donors.