Nudge Program

Whether you’re new to fund development or have been raising money for years, Zielinski Companies’ Nudge Program can help you move the fundraising needle with your staff, donors, and organization.

Zielinski Companies created the Nudge Program to help our clients take small but impactful steps that move them closer to their fundraising goals. From education, to mentoring, to planning, each “nudge” provides knowledge, expertise, and encouragement to move forward and in the right direction.

We can show you how to bridge resource gaps by taking an educational, step-by-step approach that leads to thoughtful decisions with big impact. From case statements, to planning, to donor stewardship and beyond—think of us as your professional “nudgers.”

Can we offer you a “nudge” today?

Nudge …to Understand Fundraising
Nudge …to Commit to Planning
Nudge …to Implement Fundraising Strategies