IIIF–Mary Fund
IIIF–William Fund

For many nonprofits, investment income is an important source of funds for the organization. Unfortunately, cashflow and liquidity requirements can be difficult to forecast. Flexible investment alternatives that provide liquidity while earning income are needed.

For more than 45 years, the IIIF family of investment funds have served the investment needs of religious communities, ministries, and other non-profit organizations. Following in the long tradition of IIIF (Institutional Investors Income Fund), the IIIF–Mary Fund, LLC and the IIIF–William Fund, LLC continue to strive to provide liquidity and dependable returns with relatively low volatility.

The IIIF–Mary Fund and the IIIF–William Fund invest primarily in higher quality fixed-income securities and other income-producing instruments with the goal of providing Members a method to:

  • Pool their capital with other mission-focused organizations
  • Earn a fair and stable return
  • Enjoy a high degree of liquidity with no load fees
  • Invest in a socially-responsible manner
  • Manage their funds with a high level of personalized service and support