Property & Facility Planning

The property and facilities a religious community, ministry, or other mission-focused organization  occupies can be critical to the mission itself. But concerns about resources, utilization, and/or future property and facility needs can detract from the mission. Identifying property and facility issues, developing alternative scenarios in light of the reality of resources, and having an actionable plan are essential to your future.

Looking out ten years, you need to have a clear and objective understanding of the variables that will impact your property and facility needs. Ministerial goals and considerations must be well understood. Current and projected future financial realities need to be assessed and funding sources may have to be identified. Property and facility conditions also need be taken into account, and external market factors such as demographic projections, zoning regulations, and property valuations may come into play.

Making property and facility changes that involve the sale of real estate, new building projects, or the repurposing of existing facilities can be energy- and resource-intensive. Zielinski Companies can guide you through the decision-making process and assist you in clarifying your goals and evaluating alternatives. Our experienced property and facility consultants bring the lessons learned from working with hundreds of mission-focused organizations for more than 55 years .

Should the decision process lead to new development or expansion, our alliances with professional organizations and foundations will help you develop or renovate your property/facilities to meet your exact needs. We will oversee construction to ensure that cost guidelines, milestones, and quality standards are being met and we will assist you in making timely and informed decisions that avoid costly delays, expensive change orders, and diminished quality. If the decision is made to sell land or buildings, our property specialists will work with you to explore alternatives for transferring ownership of your property in a manner that supports your mission, such as low income/elderly housing, social service centers, and facilities constructed and/or renovated using sustainable, environmentally-friendly design.

Property Planning for Religious Communities

When conducting a property and facility planning project for a religious community, special attention needs to be paid to issues such as senior care needs, criteria for retirement, members’ preferences regarding living situations, and how those preferences would impact the community as a whole. For some communities, the impact of members residing at remote locations, together with a shift in income/expenses and declining membership may be cause for concern. For each of these considerations, financial, ministerial, and communal  implications need to be factored into the planning process.

We can work with you to assess possible strategies that allow your members to continue living in community while maintaining your mission and ensuring the needs of aging members are met. We will present you with creative, alternative scenarios such as the development of new property and facilities and/or the sale of property, the adaptation of existing properties to accommodate needs including those of aging members, and the identification of potential opportunities to collaborate with other Congregations, Provinces, and/or organizations to establish shared facilities.