Senior Care, Property/Facility


The Sisters of Charity share in the ongoing mission of Jesus by responding to the signs of the times in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Their founders were people of passion, giving them a rich spiritual heritage that integrates prayer and action, contemplation and apostolic service. The Sisters live an active religious life, never holding themselves apart from their world, but rather seeking to find God in the midst of it. They are “movers and shakers,” making an impact in all they do.

The story of the Sisters of Charity of New York goes back almost 200 years. Throughout their history, the Sisters have exemplified the passion of their founders in their educational, health care, foreign mission, and social justice ministries. When they recognized the need to assess the care being provided to their senior members, they approached the planning process with the same characteristic energy, passion, and commitment.

The Congregation enlisted the help of Zielinski Companies to evaluate the care and living needs of senior members along with the cost and operational aspects of care services at their nursing center and assisted living facilities. Over the course of a year, facility visits, interviews with residents and staff, and follow-up discussions were conducted, along with comparisons of care and living alternatives and financial/governmental assistance options (PACE) in light of operational and cost considerations.

Throughout the process, experiential input in external matters such as real estate, financial, regulatory, personnel, resident life, and funding added to the quality of the information, helping the Sisters form a complete picture of their alternatives and giving them the confidence to take decisive action. In the end, the insights gleaned from the many exchanges not only validated the need for changes to their approach to senior care and living arrangements, but the process led to an achievable implementation strategy that included the potential sale of their care facility.

The story of the Sisters of Charity of New York is a story of thousands of lives serving God’s poor, a story of tough love and high standards, and a story of caring and compassion. It is also a story of needs met, difficulties faced, challenges overcome, and changes made. With a plan now in place that meets the care and living requirements of members across the entire spectrum of needs, the story continues.