Ministry Planning

Just as a commercial business has an imperative to continually assess the value of its products and services, a nonprofit organization needs to continually examine its mission and strategies to ensure the ongoing viability of the organization. Are valuable resources being used most effectively? How do plans, programs, and activities of the ministry reflect the vision and goals? Are financial records, bylaws, and other governing documents in order? Do governance practices support the mission? Is the board appropriately and effectively involved?

A ministry assessment can provide essential information and insights to plan for the future and ensure continued mission effectiveness.

Zielinski Companies brings a wide range of skills, competencies, and experience to the ministry planning process. Each of our service areas is headed by one or more professionals with deep industry experience, education, and the necessary credentials — CPAs, CFREs, LNHAs, MBAs, and PhDs. We come together as a unified team to help you assess the strength and effectiveness of your ministry within and across interconnecting functions and we provide solutions that reflect best practices in each area. The end result is the development of an integrated ministry plan that takes into account the values, goals, and culture of the organization while supporting reinforcing, and adding value within each area and across the entire organization.