Financial Assessments & Planning

The financial planning concerns of a mission-focused organization go well beyond fiscal considerations. Safeguarding assets, ensuring that the resources exist to provide ongoing support for the ministry and living needs, and balancing social responsibility with financial objectives are among the challenges a financial manager faces when making planning decisions.

Zielinski Companies’ financial consultants understand the unique dynamics involved in managing finances and planning for the future of a religious community, ministry, or other mission-focused organization.

Our consultants bring insights from a variety of perspectives that will help you project future financial needs in light of current funding sources. We will provide you with a team of certified public accountants, planners and facilitators, financial/business and property advisors, healthcare consultants, and fund development specialists.

We will help you to assess alternative funding scenarios, identify potential new sources of revenue, develop financial and retirement plans, and monitor and manage your ongoing finances. You will receive funding and expense projections based on an in-depth analysis of your financial assets, along with recommendations, benchmarks, and guidelines that enable you to meet your financial needs well into the future.