Operational Reviews

Administration and maintenance issues are often among the greatest concerns for a mission-focused organization and can account for the largest budgetary line items. Your administrative team is under constant pressure to keep up with changing government regulations, rising operational expenses, staffing needs and labor laws, technology changes, and unplanned maintenance and operational issues – daily challenges that can have a significant impact on the mission.

Zielinski Companies can complement your administrative team’s management skills and talents and help you to implement strategies based on the reality of your resources. We can conduct an on-site review of your operations and  administrative practices that will give you valuable, high-level insights into your strengths and challenges. We will assess current policies, procedures, systems, and staffing, and we will recommend improvements and enhancements to the operations of the facility and the management of your administrative functions.

Lay Transitioning in a Religious Community

Should the time come for your community to transition to lay management of your motherhouse, infirmary, or other facility, our management consultants can help you through the process in a way that not only ensures continued quality of life but enhances the level of care provided to your members, while preserving the culture and atmosphere within your home or facility. We will work with leadership to establish a transition plan that engages members at each stage and enables your community to complete the journey in a gradual, non-disruptive manner.