Organizational Assessments

Increasingly, mission-focused organizations are recognizing the importance of self assessments to ensure the sustainability of their organizations. When conducted in a manner that takes into account the views, needs, and desires of members and constituents, the process can lead to essential insights into organizational effectiveness and the true value of services provided.

Zielinski Companies’ organizational consultants bring more than 35 years of experience in conducting successful assessments. We take a structured yet customized approach that enables associations, leadership teams, federations, and other organizations to plan for the future.

Our process examines key organizational factors such as structure, governance, administration, operations, and communications. We obtain critical input from members and stakeholders utilizing a variety of proven quantitative and qualitative techniques, including questionnaires, surveys, discussions, and interviews. The end result is the development of an organizational profile that identifies strengths, challenges, and opportunities along with recommendations and a plan for implementation.

We can help you determine your organization’s effectiveness and ongoing viability. We will work with your leadership team to answer critical questions and develop a strategy that will ensure the best use of your organization’s resources now and into the future.