Firm Overview

You change the world. We support the changemakers.

Since its founding as an audit and accounting firm in 1957, Zielinski Companies has helped religious communities, ministries, and other nonprofit organizations manage the “business” of running their organizations.

For more than six decades we’ve travelled alongside our clients, responding to their changing needs and evolving along with them. Today, Zielinski Companies offers a broad range of financial, planning, management, and consulting services – with the continued focus of helping those with a call to mission manage their organizations and plan for the future so they can focus on what’s truly important: making a difference.

We know that issues in a nonprofit environment – resources, vocations, ministries, member needs, etc. – are complex and interconnected. We take a thoughtful approach to assisting clients, an approach rooted in a deep understanding of the essential and nuanced differences between not-for-profit organizations and for-profit businesses. Our consultants and auditors combine industry best-practices with an understanding that mission, ministry, and values come first.

Zielinski Companies’ CPAs, MBAs, PhDs, and IARs bring experience from a wide range of disciplines. That experience, combined with the intergenerational knowledge that stems from lessons learned, passed down, and built upon by each successive generation, results in creative and holistic solutions that help our clients both advance their mission and sustain their organizations.
We’re often asked why we have grown and expanded into so many different areas over the years. Our growth reflects the needs and goals of the clients we serve. Sharing in the attainment of our clients’ vision is not only our privilege and our reward, it’s our mission.