ZCo Fun Facts

Financial Services were Zielinski Companies’ first services when the company was founded in 1957. Since that time, we have performed thousands of audits and reviews for religious communities, ministries, and other mission-focused organizations.

Zielinski Companies began offering Planning Services in the early 80s to help religious communities address the reality of their changing needs and resources. To-date we have completed more than 80 planning projects that have assisted clients in setting a course for their future.

The first IAS Central Checking client began using the IAS System in 1966. Zielinski Companies’ Z-Card credit card program was later added as growing numbers of religious began using credit cards. Today, more than 6,500 Catholic religious rely on Zielinski Companies to manage their checking and credit card activities.

Originally launched in 1980 to assist religious with the management of their healthcare facilities, Zielinski Companies’ Senior Care Advisory Services today provides advisory services to assist religious communities and ministries with the management of their retirement, healthcare, facilities, operations, and human resources needs.