Linda M. Maksche

Ms. Maksche began her career with Zielinski Companies in 2004 in the financial services area, bringing to the firm a strong background in financial and investment services, administrative management, and client relations.

In 2011, Linda assumed responsibility for the management of Zielinski Companies’ Credit Card Program. In her role as Card Services Program Administrator, she assists cardholders and financial managers in the use of their cards and the management of their accounts, provides guidance with online access, maintains and updates financial statements and compliance forms, and generates monthly spending and delinquency reports. Today, Linda oversees credit cards for more than 3,000 cardholders and 75 accounts.

Linda has been instrumental in strategic planning for the Credit Card Program, overseeing the design and development of the recently-announced Credit Card Rewards Program. Her strong customer service skills are reflected by positive client feedback. In a 2012 survey of Zielinski Companies’ credit card users, respondents overwhelmingly indicated that they would recommend Zielinski Companies’ Credit Card Program to others.