Cash Management Services

Tracking and managing the expenses of a religious community can be a tedious and time-consuming part of a treasurer’s job. Collecting and compiling the necessary expense information to produce accurate financial reports reflecting the spending activities of members requires significant effort on the part of not only the treasurer but each community member. Today, religious communities  need proactive cash management strategies and accurate, up-to-date  financial information to meet the growing demands on their resources and ensure responsible stewardship of their assets.

IAS Central Checking System

The Institutional Automated Systems (IAS) Central Checking System provides an efficient and economical method for religious communities to monitor and manage their cash balances. Introduced in 1966, Central Checking is used today by more than 6,000 religious.

IAS works with your bank, finance office, and your congregation’s local houses to provide accurate and uniform month-end and year-end financial reports. Members’ purchases and cash transactions are collected  and compiled in an efficient process, eliminating the need for individuals and houses to track and report spending activities. You have complete control over how you configure your system and set up your accounts. You can have as many or as few members and houses on the system as you like. Additionally, you can set up all houses to operate out of separate bank accounts or one central checking account to minimize bank fees and earn maximum interest. Zielinski Companies’ experienced financial consultants will help you select the bank(s) of your choice, work with the banks to set up appropriate accounts, and provide customized training to your members at their locations.

Comprehensive, Flexible Reporting

With IAS, your congregational treasurer will have instant access to a variety of critical summary reports as well as detailed reports that show the incomes, budgets, and expenses of your members. Reports can be obtained on a scheduled basis or on-demand and are available either in a hardcopy format delivered through the mail or over a secure, password-protected Internet connection. IAS reports include:

  • Account Summary
  • Balance Sheet / Income Statement
  • Check / Deposit Register