Planning Studies

A clear and achievable plan for the future can be life-giving for a mission-focused organization. Effective planning requires challenging and sometimes courageous introspection as well as an objective and knowledgeable extrospective view. Establishing a solid link between the two perspectives is the key to creating the essential building blocks of your organization’s future.

Zielinski Companies began offering Planning Services in the early ‘80s to help mission-focused organizations address the reality of their changing needs and resources. To date we have completed more than 80 planning projects that have helped clients set a course for their future.

We can assist you in evaluating your needs, abilities, and available resources in critical areas such as financial management, ministry planning and sponsorship, staffing, management and governance, senior member care, and community life. Our consultants take a collaborative and sensitive approach that takes into account the culture and dynamics of the group, appropriately involving members, staff, and other key constituents in exchanges that encourage reflection, discernment, and a continual refocusing on core values and mission.

Whether the planning effort focuses on a single area or the need exists for a more comprehensive strategic planning study, our consultants will draw on deep skills across a wide range of connecting disciplines to provide holistic, alternative solutions and assist you in developing and implementing an actionable plan grounded in community, mission, and the reality of resources.