Credit Card Services

A convenient alternative to cash and checks, credit cards provide many advantages over other payment methods. Automatic data capture at the point of purchase allows cardholders to view a virtual master receipt of all purchases at any time, facilitating more effective budgeting and responsible spending.

Although credit cards offer many benefits, administering accounts for a large number of cardholders – especially individuals with limited financial experience – can consume considerable time and energy.

Zielinski Companies’ Credit Card Program for Religious and Mission-Focused Organizations1 minimizes the challenges of managing an organization’s credit card accounts. Designed specifically for religious communities, ministries, and other mission-focused organizations, our credit card service enables financial managers to efficiently manage accounts while giving cardholders the autonomy and flexibility to use their credit cards as they choose. Our service can help you with:

  • Credit card applications, credit approval requests, new account set up, and account closings
  • Credit limit increases and decreases, including increases for temporary situations (i.e., travel)
  • Online access and navigation of statements and transaction information
  • Management of finance charges, including requests for late fee waivers as necessary
  • Procedures for dealing with lost or stolen cards, fraud mitigation, etc.
  • Notifications of payment delinquencies, guidance in avoiding declined transactions, etc.
  • Treasurer notifications of active vs. closed accounts, credit limits, and expiration dates

With Zielinski Companies’ Credit Card Program for Religious and Mission-Focused Organizations, your members and staff will receive the assistance they need to utilize and manage their credit cards responsibly, and your management team will have ready access to the information and tools necessary to maintain control over the organization’s resources.

1Zielinski Companies’ credit card services are provided in association with Commerce Bank, N.A.